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Is Your Cat a Real Maine Coon? Find Out Now

Is Your Cat a Real Maine Coon? Find Out Now

Unraveling Your Maine Coon’s Ancestry

Curiosity about your cat’s breed is natural, especially for a breed as majestic as the Maine Coon.
Renowned for their size, intelligence, and sociable nature, Maine Coons are a favorite
among cat enthusiasts. This guide will help you understand the unique characteristics
of Maine Coons and how to determine if your cat is a true representative of the breed.

How To Find Out If Your Cat is a Real Maine Coon?

Curious if your cat is a purebred Maine Coon? Basepaws Cat DNA Test can reveal their breed, health risks, and unique traits. It screens for active dental disease, 43 genetic conditions, and analyzes 25 genetic traits to understand your cat’s health and appearance better. Simply swab, send, and discover your cat’s genetic secrets.

Simplified Cat DNA Tests Comparison Chart

Genetic info 43+ Diseases & 25+ Traits 45+ Diseases & 25+ Traits Profiles 21 Breeds & 25 Traits 460 Food & Non-Food Sensitivities 75 Genetic Diseases
Test Focus Breed & Health Breed & Health Whole Genome Sequencing Sensitivity & Intolerance Health
Test Type Swab Swab Swab Hair Strands Swab
Unique Feature Identifies Dental Issues Discuss 'At Risk' Health Findings With a Vet 10,000 Times More Data Than Other DNA Tests 100% Satisfaction guarantee Includes Blood Groups

The Hallmarks of Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats are distinguished not just by their size but by a combination of features that make them one of the most unique cat breeds. Here’s a closer look at what sets them apart:


  • Body Structure: Muscular and well-proportioned with a rectangular shape, Maine Coons exude a sense of balance. Males are notably larger, often weighing over 20 pounds.
  • Head Shape: The head is moderately wide, slightly longer than it is wide, featuring a medium-length muzzle with a square appearance. A strong, firm chin and a squared profile give their face a distinctive 90-degree angle.
  • Ears: Large ears with wide bases narrow down to pointed tips, set about one ear’s width apart. They boast ample furnishing, with ear tufts being a sought-after trait.
  • Coat: A heavy, shaggy double coat overlays a silky undercoat, with longer guard hairs on top. The coat flows smoothly, complemented by a long, flowing tail and a pronounced ruff on the chest.
  • Color Variety: Maine Coons display a wide range of colors and patterns, excluding chocolate, lavender, and the Himalayan pattern.
  • Eyes: Large, oval-shaped eyes slant towards the outer base of the ears, with the color harmonizing with the coat.
  • Legs & Paws: Legs are of medium length and substantial, aligning well with the body. The forelegs stand straight, while the hind legs appear straight from behind. Large, rounded paws feature well-tufted fur, and polydactylism is recognized and accepted.
  • Tail: The tail, broad at the base and narrowing towards the end, is adorned with a luxurious, flowing plume, enhancing the Maine Coon’s majestic appearance.


  • Sociable: Maine Coons enjoy the company of humans and other pets.
  • Intelligent: Quick learners, they can be trained to perform tricks and obey commands.
  • Playful: Despite their size, they retain a kitten-like curiosity and playfulness.

Common Health Concerns

Maine Coons are generally healthy but prone to certain genetic conditions:

  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: A common heart condition in cats, including Maine Coons.
  • Hip Dysplasia: A hereditary condition that can lead to arthritis or mobility issues.
  • Polycystic Kidney Disease: A genetic disorder that can affect kidney function.

Caring for Your Maine Coon

Proper care is crucial for maintaining the health and happiness of your Maine Coon:

  • Grooming: Regular brushing is needed to prevent matting and reduce shedding.
  • Exercise: They require daily physical activity to stay fit and stimulated.
  • Diet: A balanced diet tailored to their size and energy levels is essential.

Pure Maine Coon or Mystery Mix?
Find Out With The Top Cat DNA Testing Kits

Unparalleled Customer Service: Basepaws

basepaws Breed + Health Cat DNA Test

Basepaws: Advancing Pet Health with Cutting-Edge Genetics

  • DNA Insights: Offers breed, health, and trait analysis.
  • Advanced Science: Uses cutting-edge technology.
  • Health Screening: Identifies 43 genetic diseases.
  • Breed Analysis: Compares against 21 breeds.
  • Trait Analysis: Examines 25 unique traits.

Diving deep into the genetic tapestry of pets, Basepaws emerges as a trailblazer in the realm of DNA testing. While many associate the brand with feline genetics, Basepaws extends its expertise beyond cats, offering a holistic view of your pet’s genetic makeup. Their state-of-the-art, CLIA-certified laboratory ensures unparalleled precision, mirroring the accuracy standards of top veterinary institutions. With Basepaws, pet owners can unravel mysteries surrounding their pet’s breed, potential health risks, genetic age, and more. The brand’s commitment to innovation and excellence positions it as a frontrunner in the ever-evolving world of pet genetics.

Chewy – Widest Variety of Quality Products


Chewy: Your One-Stop Shop for Leading Pet DNA and Allergy Testing Kits

  • Breed Identification: Uncover your cat’s breed composition and ancestry.
  • Health Screening: Detect genetic health risks and conditions.
  • Trait Analysis: Learn about your cat’s traits and potential characteristics.
  • Easy-to-Use: Simple cheek swab for DNA collection.
  • Detailed Report: Comprehensive insights into breed, health, and traits.

Chewy stands as a leading and established name in the pet industry, renowned for its extensive range of pet products, including an impressive selection of the best cat DNA and allergy tests from top companies. With a commitment to providing exceptional customer service, Chewy has earned the trust and loyalty of millions of satisfied customers worldwide. Their platform offers a curated collection of DNA and allergy tests, enabling pet owners to gain valuable insights into their pets’ breed, health, and potential sensitivities with ease and accuracy. Chewy’s dedication to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction has solidified its reputation as a go-to destination for pet owners seeking the best products and services for their furry family members.

Most sensitive: My Pet Sensitivity​

my pet sensitivity Advanced Pet Sensitivity Test

MyPetSensitivity: Unveiling Feline Sensitivities with Precision

  • Sensitivity & Intolerance Test: Screens for 300+ items.
  • Environmental Sensitivities: Identifies potential triggers from the environment.
  • Nutritional Imbalances: Detects deficiencies in vitamins and minerals.
  • Non-Invasive: Uses hair samples for testing.
  • Detailed Report: Provides a comprehensive breakdown of sensitivities.

MyPetSensitivity is dedicated to unveiling the unique sensitivities of your feline friend, recognizing that each cat’s reaction to various ingredients can differ. Their specialized cat sensitivity tests are meticulously designed to analyze over 300 commercial pet food ingredients, ranging from proteins and grains to additives and preservatives. By delivering individualized results, MyPetSensitivity equips cat owners with the insights needed to make informed dietary choices, ensuring optimal health and comfort for their cherished feline companions.

Most Diverse: Easy DNA

CatCheck (Feline) Genetic Disease Test

EasyDNA: In-depth Feline Genetic Insights

  • CatCheck Test: Over 75 genetic diseases, traits, and blood groups screened.
  • Extensive Insights: Broad genetic screening for cat health understanding.
  • Easy DNA Collection: Simple swab method for quick sample collection.
  • Fast Results: Results delivered in 10-15 business days with full support.
  • Healthier Cats: Understand and improve your cat’s health and well-being.

EasyDNA distinguishes itself with a broad spectrum of detailed and adaptable tests. Conducted in their ISO 17025 certified labs, they guarantee precise and trustworthy results. Their home-kits offer comprehensive insights into your cat’s breed, genetic age, and potential health concerns. With specialized tests like the CatCheck Feline Genetic Disease Test, EasyDNA offers more than just breed identification. Their dedication to precision and customer support solidifies their reputation in feline DNA testing services.


Can I Introduce a Maine Coon Kitten to a Household with an Older Cat?

Yes, introducing a Maine Coon kitten to a household with an older cat is all about proper introductions. First impressions are crucial. It’s important to introduce them slowly, allowing them to sniff each other under doors initially. With patience and the right approach, a Maine Coon kitten can become a joyful addition to your older cat’s life.

What Is It Like Living with a Maine Coon Cat?

Living with a Maine Coon cat is a unique and rewarding experience. They are affectionate, intelligent, and integrate well into family life, often becoming a central part of it. Maine Coons are known for their dog-like mannerisms, including a love for water and playing fetch. They’re sociable, enjoy being part of daily activities, and have a playful nature that endears them to all.

How Large Do Maine Coon Cats Grow?

Male Maine Coon cats can weigh up to 25 pounds, with some growing larger, but the average weight is around 15 pounds. Females typically weigh between 12-16 pounds. Their size, along with their distinctive fluffy tails and tufted ears, contributes to their majestic appearance.

How Should I Acclimate a Maine Coon Kitten or Cat to a New Home?

When acclimating a Maine Coon kitten or cat to a new home, it’s recommended to limit their exposure to the entire home initially. Introducing them to one room at a time can help them adjust without feeling overwhelmed. Show them where their litter box, food, and water are located, and introduce them to other household pets gradually to ensure a smooth transition.

What is a cat DNA test?

A cat DNA test is a tool that allows pet owners to learn more about their cat’s genetic heritage, breed, physical traits, and potential health risks. It involves collecting a DNA sample from the cat, typically through a cheek swab or saliva sample, and sending it to a laboratory for analysis.

Why should I consider getting a cat DNA test?

Cat DNA tests can provide insights into your cat’s ancestry, breed mix, and potential health concerns. It can help you understand your cat’s unique genetic makeup and any breed-specific traits or health risks they might have.

Can a cat DNA test tell me my cat’s breed?

While cat DNA tests can provide insights into your cat’s genetic heritage and potential breed mix, it’s essential to understand that cats have a more complex genetic history than dogs. Most domestic cats share nearly identical genetics, and the concept of “breeds” in cats is relatively recent. However, the test can give you a general idea of your cat’s genetic background and any breed markers present.

What kind of health information can I get from a cat DNA test?

Some cat DNA tests can identify markers for specific health conditions or risks. However, it’s essential to consult with a veterinarian about any health concerns or results. A marker does not necessarily mean your cat has or will develop a particular disease.

Can I use a cat DNA test to determine parentage?

Some cat DNA tests offer parentage testing, which can help breeders and pet owners confirm a cat’s lineage. If you’re interested in parentage testing, ensure the chosen test kit offers this specific service.

What are Pet DNA Tests?

A pet DNA test is a method to obtain genetic information from a specific pet. Through genetic testing, a simple cheek swab sample can reveal a vast amount of genetic information about your pet.

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