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Unraveling the DNA Tale: Know Your Pet with Ancestry

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A Journey into Your Pet’s Genetics

At ThePetPicks.com, our love for dogs and pets drives us to provide you with the most accurate and trustworthy information. Today, we’re diving deep into Ancestry®’s pet DNA test kit, a product that promises to reveal the secrets hidden within your pet’s genes. From understanding their breed mix to discovering unique traits and even finding genetic matches, this test kit claims to offer it all. Let’s embark on this journey together and see if it lives up to the hype.

Ancestry: A Name Synonymous with Trust

Ancestry® is not a new player in the DNA testing arena. With a legacy rooted in human DNA testing, their expertise is now extended to our four-legged friends. Their commitment to transparency and quality is evident in their collaboration with reputable institutions such as the ASPCA, Massey University, and the University of Minnesota’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Their strong online presence and positive testimonials further cement their position as a trusted brand in the DNA testing industry.

Delving into the Know Your Pet DNA Test

Ancestry® offers a single, comprehensive test kit that promises to unveil your dog’s breed mix, traits, and even potential genetic matches with other dogs in their database. The kit is designed for ease of use, requiring a simple cheek swab from your pet. Once the sample is collected, it’s sent back to Ancestry®’s labs, where their team of experts analyzes the DNA to provide a detailed report.

Who’s it for?

The test is perfect for dog owners curious about their pet’s breed mix, those looking to understand specific inherited traits, or anyone interested in connecting with a community of dogs that share a genetic link with their pet.

Dog DNA test explained Know Your Pet DNA by Ancestry®

Quality and Accuracy: A Top Priority

Ancestry® prides itself on its cutting-edge DNA science. Their team of experts meticulously analyzes each sample to ensure the highest level of accuracy. The detailed report not only provides insights into your dog’s breed but also sheds light on inherited traits that influence their behavior and appearance. Their commitment to quality is further highlighted by their collaborations with renowned institutions, ensuring that the information you receive is both accurate and reliable.

Pricing: Value for Money

With an affordable price tag, Ancestry’s pet DNA test kit offers a wealth of information. While there are other tests available in the market, the depth and breadth of information provided by Ancestry, combined with their expertise in the field, make it a valuable investment for pet owners seeking detailed insights into their pet’s genetics.

Customer Service: Seamless and Informative

Ancestry® is dedicated to ensuring that their customers have a seamless experience from beginning to end. Their website boasts a comprehensive support center and a blog brimming with valuable insights. For specific inquiries related to their pet DNA test kit, we advise directly contacting their dedicated support team. You can reach them via email at support@ancestry.com or by phone at +1 801-494-8595. They’re always ready to assist and guide you through any concerns or questions you might have.

User Reviews and Ratings: Voices from the Community

At ThePetPicks.com, we believe in the power of community feedback. While our team conducts thorough research and analysis, we also value the experiences of real users. Here’s what some of them have to say about Ancestry’s pet DNA test kit:

“I ordered this to find out some information for my rescue dog that I have no information prior to getting her. I have not used the Ancestry.com DNA but have heard many good things about the company to know it has a solid reputation. The DNA kit is very easy to use. The current price does seem high, though most things with DNA are. I prepared my DNA kit and mailed it. I will update the results and other information when the DNA results are back. For now, I’ll rate 5 stars.”

“I submitted our dog’s DNA without visuals to test the accuracy, given skepticism about lab precision. Our mixed breed dog, rescued without much background, has developed German Shepherd traits, which the DNA test identified well. However, the behavioral and physical traits provided by the test were hit or miss. While the testing process was straightforward, the results didn’t offer new insights beyond what a visual assessment could provide. I wouldn’t rely on this DNA test for making any significant decisions about our dog’s care or behavior”.

Reviews taken from Amazon.

Researcher’s Take: The majority of users seem to appreciate the depth of information provided by Ancestry’s pet DNA test kit. However, some users expressed concerns about the waiting time for results. It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons based on individual preferences.

The Pros and Cons: Weighing the Scales


  • Backed by Ancestry®’s expertise in DNA science.
  • Comprehensive test covering breed, traits, and genetic matches.
  • Collaborations with reputable institutions.


  • Lack of detailed accuracy percentages.
How to swab your dog

Ancestry® vs. The Competition: A Detailed Look

When it comes to pet DNA testing, several brands vie for the top spot. Let’s see how Ancestry®’s Know Your Pet DNA test compares to some of the leading competitors:

Ancestry® vs. Embark

Embark is a well-established name in the pet DNA testing industry, known for its detailed breed identification and health screening. While both tests offer breed identification, Embark delves deeper into potential health issues, screening for over 200 genetic health risks. However, Ancestry® stands out with its unique offering of connecting pets with their genetic matches. 

Ancestry® vs. Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel offers a range of tests, from breed identification to health screening. Their tests are slightly more affordable than Ancestry®. However, Ancestry® offers the unique feature of connecting dogs with their genetic matches, something Wisdom Panel doesn’t currently provide. Both brands are reputable and offer accurate results, but the choice between them might come down to specific features and price points.

The Final Bark: Our Verdict on Ancestry®’s Know Your Pet DNA Test

At ThePetPicks.com, we’re always on the hunt for products and services that resonate with our core values and serve our community of dog lovers. Ancestry® ‘s foray into pet DNA testing is commendable. Their test offers a unique blend of breed identification, trait analysis, and the exciting possibility of finding genetic matches for your pet.

Recommended For: Dog owners curious about their pet’s genetic makeup, those looking to connect with a community of genetically linked dogs, and anyone who values the expertise of a brand like Ancestry®.

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How does Ancestry®’s pet DNA test differ from other brands?

Ancestry® brings its vast experience from human DNA testing to the realm of pet DNA. One of the standout features of Ancestry®’s Know Your Pet DNA test is the ability to connect dogs with their genetic matches. This means that dog owners have the unique opportunity to potentially find and connect with other dogs that share a genetic link with their pet. While other brands might offer detailed health screenings or a broader breed database, Ancestry® offers a community-building aspect that’s truly unique.

What can I expect to learn from the Know Your Pet DNA test?

With the Know Your Pet DNA test from Ancestry®, dog owners can gain insights into their pet’s breed mix, inherited traits, and even potential genetic matches with other dogs in Ancestry® ‘s database. This comprehensive test provides a detailed report that can help owners understand their dog’s genetic makeup, potential health predispositions, and even connect with a community of genetically linked dogs.

Is the DNA test difficult to administer at home?

Not at all! Ancestry® has designed the Know Your Pet DNA test to be user-friendly. The kit comes with clear instructions, and collecting a sample is as simple as taking a cheek swab from your pet. Once collected, the sample is sent back to Ancestry®’s labs in the provided prepaid box. It’s a hassle-free process that can be done comfortably at home.

How long will it take to receive the results after sending the sample?

While the exact turnaround time isn’t specified on Ancestry®’s website, based on their reputation and efficiency in human DNA testing, customers can typically expect to receive their pet’s DNA results within a few weeks of sending in the sample. It’s always a good idea to check with their customer service for the most up-to-date information.

Can I trust the accuracy of Ancestry®’s pet DNA test results?

Ancestry® has a longstanding reputation in the DNA testing industry, known for its accuracy and reliability in human DNA tests. While specific accuracy percentages for the pet DNA test aren’t explicitly mentioned on their site, the brand’s expertise and collaborations with institutions like Massey University and the University of Minnesota suggest a high level of precision and trustworthiness in their pet DNA testing services.

A Paw’s Note to Our Readers

At ThePetPicks.com, we pour our love for dogs into every piece of content we create. While we strive to provide accurate and comprehensive information, it’s essential to remember that our reviews are not a substitute for professional veterinary advice. Always consult with your vet for any medical concerns. And remember, our reviews are born from love, ensuring you can trust our comparisons as much as your furry friend trusts you. Because after all, they’re family.

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