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Discovering Your Dog’s Breed is Simpler Than You Imagine

dog getting swab

Have you ever looked at your furry friend and wondered about their unique traits and ancestry? Discovering your dog’s breed isn’t just about satisfying curiosity, it’s a key to understanding their behavior, health, and heritage. Dog DNA tests provide a fast and precise glimpse into your pet’s ancestry, making it easier to understand their heritage.

How To Find Out What Breed Your Dog Is

Determining your dog’s breed accurately requires genetic testing. Services like Embark, and ProsperK9 provide comprehensive breed detection by analyzing your dog’s DNA. These tests can identify breed mixtures, trace ancestry, and offer health insights. These tests can also reveal your dog’s breed mix, health predispositions, and even find relatives! Simply order a kit, collect a DNA sample from your dog, and send it back for analysis. You’ll receive detailed insights about your furry friend’s genetic makeup.
Choose a DNA test from our recommended providers, follow the easy sample collection process, and get ready to uncover the fascinating details of your dog’s heritage.

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Simplified Dog Breed Detection Test Comparison Chart

Breeds Identified 350+ 300+ 300+ 400+
Health Insights 250+ health risks 60+ 280+ health risks Not specified
Traits Analysis 35+ 10+ 40+ 30+
Sample Collection Cheek Swab Cheek Swab Cheek Swab Cheek Swab
Turnaround Time 2-4 weeks 4-6 weeks 4-6 weeks 2-6 weeks
Unique Feature Relative Finder Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) Technology Oral Health Genetic Matches

Ever wondered “how to find out my dog’s breed

DNA testing is the key.
With advanced genetic testing offered by companies like Basepaws and Ancestry, you can get an in-depth look into your dog’s breed composition. These tests are simple to use and provide valuable information, including breed identification, health risks, and even behavioral traits. Select a test from our trusted partners, follow the instructions for DNA collection, and await the exciting results about your dog’s breed and more.

Dog DNA test kits - how it works
The Best Dog Breed Tests Of 202

ProsperK9 – Most Precise Breed and Health Insights

prosperk9 breed + health test

ProsperK9: The Ultimate Genome Sequencing for Unmatched Dog DNA Insights


      • Accurate Breed Analysis: Detailed breakdown of your dog’s breed composition.

      • Health Screening: Identifies genetic health conditions for proactive care.

      • Age Estimation: Precisely determines your dog’s age for informed care decisions.

      • Dental Health Insights: Offers recommendations for optimal dental care.

      • Clear Results: Reports are easy to understand and act upon.


    ProsperK9 stands at the forefront of canine genetics, offering dog owners a deeper insight into their pet’s breed, health, and ancestry through advanced DNA testing. With a commitment to enhancing the bond between pets and their owners, ProsperK9 combines scientific precision with a passion for dogs. Their easy-to-use dog breed test reveals not just the breed composition but also vital health and behavior traits, empowering owners with knowledge to care for their pets better. Trusted by veterinarians and pet lovers alike, ProsperK9 is dedicated to providing clarity and peace of mind through detailed genetic analysis.

    ProsperK9 Full Review

    Unparalleled Customer Service: Basepaws

    basepaws The Breed Health Baseline for Dogs

    Basepaws: Pioneering Pet DNA Discoveries Beyond Felines


        • Comprehensive DNA Testing: Basepaws offers breed, health, and trait insights.

        • Pioneering Pet Science: Utilizes cutting-edge genome technology.

        • Detailed Health Reports: Detects over 280 genetic health risks.

        • Breed Identification: Analyzes over 200 dog breeds.

        • Unique Trait Discovery: Reveals 30+ distinct dog traits

      Diving deep into the genetic tapestry of pets, Basepaws emerges as a trailblazer in the realm of DNA testing. While many associate the brand with feline genetics, Basepaws extends its expertise beyond cats, offering a holistic view of your pet’s genetic makeup. Their state-of-the-art, CLIA-certified laboratory ensures unparalleled precision, mirroring the accuracy standards of top veterinary institutions. With Basepaws, pet owners can unravel mysteries surrounding their pet’s breed, potential health risks, genetic age, and more. The brand’s commitment to innovation and excellence positions it as a frontrunner in the ever-evolving world of pet genetics.

      Basepaws Full Review


      Most Comprehensive: Embark

      Embark Vet: Leading the Pack in Canine DNA Testing

      Embark Dog DNA Test

      • Comprehensive DNA Testing:  breed identification, health screening, and trait analysis.
      • Collaboration with Cornell University: Ensures scientific accuracy and credibility.
      • Detailed Health Reports: Identifies potential genetic health issues.
      • Breed Identification: Discovers your pet’s breed mix from over 350 breeds.
      • Family Tree: Traces back your dog’s ancestry up to its great-grandparents.

      Among the five, Embark Vet stands out as the top dog. Offering the best value for money, the quickest turnaround time, and an unmatched level of support, Embark Vet is a clear winner. Their team of registered veterinarians is on call 24/7 to guide you through your testing journey.

      Embark Vet’s tests are conducted in their high complexity, CLIA-certified laboratory, ensuring results as accurate as those you would receive from a vet’s office or hospital.

      With Embark Vet home-kits, you can uncover insights into your dog’s breed, genetic age, health risks, and more.

      Embark Full Review

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      Most Esteemed Partnerships – Ancestry®

      ancestry know your pet dna test kit

      Ancestry®: Pioneering Pet DNA Insights with Trusted Partnerships


          • Cutting-Edge DNA Science: Utilizes Ancestry® expertise for pet DNA.

          • In-Depth Breed Insights: Provides detailed breed mix and inherited traits.

          • Easy Sample Collection: Doorstep kit with simple saliva swab.

          • Quick Online Results: Dashboard results available in a few weeks.

          • Genetic Matching Feature: Connects pets with their DNA relatives.


        Ancestry® stands as a beacon in pet DNA testing, with a rich legacy rooted in human genealogy. Their dedication to transparency and excellence shines through their partnerships with esteemed institutions like the ASPCA, Massey University, and the University of Minnesota’s College of Veterinary Medicine. These collaborations not only bolster their credibility but also underscore their commitment to delivering accurate and insightful results. With Ancestry® kits, pet owners embark on a comprehensive journey into their pet’s genetic lineage, health risks, and more, all backed by a brand synonymous with trust and expertise.

        Ancestry® Full Review

        Privacy and Security

        We understand that privacy is a critical concern when it comes to pet DNA testing. That’s why our recommended companies employ highly capable safeguards on their websites, including industry-standard encryption protocols.

        FAQs – Understanding Dog Breed Test Kits

        How Accurate Are Dog Breed DNA Tests?

        Dog breed DNA tests are known for their high accuracy, with leading companies utilizing advanced technology to ensure their results are at the upper end of the accuracy scale.
        The accuracy can vary depending on the number of breeds in the company’s database and the quality of the DNA sample provided. It’s important to follow the test kit instructions carefully to ensure the best possible results.

        Can DNA Tests Determine the Exact Breed Mix of My Dog?

        While DNA tests can provide a detailed breakdown of your dog’s breed mix, they may not always pinpoint the exact breeds, especially in highly mixed-breed dogs. These tests are more effective at identifying primary and secondary breeds rather than distant ancestors.

        How Can DNA Testing Help with My Dog’s Health?

        DNA testing can reveal genetic predispositions to certain health conditions, allowing you to take proactive steps in your dog’s healthcare. It can also provide insights into potential drug sensitivities and dietary needs based on genetic makeup. Additionally, understanding your dog’s genetic health can be crucial in addressing specific issues like allergies. For more detailed information and options for managing canine allergies, explore our curated selection of the Introduction to Pet Sensitivities and Allergies. This resource can guide you in choosing the right test to better understand and care for your dog’s unique health needs.

        What is the Cost of a Dog Breed Test?

        The cost of a dog breed test can vary depending on the company you choose. Generally, prices range between $79 to $149. It’s important to note that these prices can fluctuate based on the comprehensiveness of the test and the reputation of the company. Additionally, many companies offer occasional discounts and promotions, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for these to potentially save on costs. Remember, the price may reflect the level of detail and accuracy you can expect from the test, so consider your needs and budget carefully when selecting a service.

        How Do I Collect a DNA Sample from My Dog?

        Collecting a DNA sample is typically done through a cheek swab. It’s a simple and non-invasive process. Just gently rub the inside of your dog’s cheek with the provided swab and return it to the lab in the prepaid envelope. Ensure your dog hasn’t eaten or drunk anything for about an hour before collecting the sample for the best results.

        How Long Does It Take to Get Results from a Dog DNA Test?

        The time it takes to receive results can vary by company, but generally, it takes 2 to 6 weeks from the time the sample is received by the lab. Some companies may offer expedited processing for an additional fee.

        Understanding your dog’s unique genetic makeup is more than just satisfying curiosity; it’s a pathway to providing the best possible care and strengthening the bond you share. At ThePetPicks.com, we believe in empowering you with knowledge and resources to make informed decisions for your furry family member. Remember, while DNA tests offer valuable insights, they are not a substitute for regular veterinary care.
        Always consult with a veterinarian for any medical concerns.


        A Loving Reminder

        The information provided at ThePetPicks.com is based on research and expertise, aiming to enhance the bond between you and your dog. However, it’s essential to remember that every dog is unique. Always consult with professionals, like veterinarians or trainers, for specific concerns or advice. At ThePetPicks.com, we believe in “Trust Born from Love,” and we encourage every pet parent to make informed decisions rooted in love and care.

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